Trader Joe’s Belgian Truffle Ballotin Box

I found these chocolate truffles at Trader Joe’s last weekend, on the new shelf.

Inside I found two layers of truffles (both layers had the same truffles).

All of the truffles looked good (except those white chocolate ones, yuck), but who knew what was inside each one? Luckily, there was a guide!

I tried three: the Carazon Negra, the Cappuccino Milk and the Cocoa Bean Lait. I really liked the Carazon Negra, which had a thick dark chocolate shell and a delicious hazelnut filling. But the other two truffles were too sweet, and my co-workers said the same thing about the ones they tried. However, one co-worked loved the white chocolate ones, since she liked how much sugar they had.

To each their own.

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